$5 and 3 easy steps

1. Register with E-Verify and assign Insperity Employment Screening as your Designated Agent

Complete and submit the Sign-up form

Insperity Employment Screening will submit your company information to E-Verify and prepare your Memorandum of Understanding. Required information includes:

  • Company Name
  • Physical Location Address
  • Mailing Address
    If different from physical location
  • Federal Employer Identification Number
  • Total number of employees
  • Parent Company / Corporate Name
    If applicable
  • NAICS code
    North American Industry Code System
  • Total Number of Hiring Sites
    Requires physical location and number of employees for each site
  • Category
    Federal contractor; local, state or federal government; none of these. If “federal contractor” is selected, you must indicate if you will check all new hires, as well as all current employees or only those employees assigned to federal contracts that require the use of E-Verify.
  • Client Company Point of Contact
    Name, phone and e-mail address required (fax optional)

If your company has multiple FEINs or different company names, Insperity Employment Screening will need to know the parent company name. Each FEIN must be registered separately.

Once Insperity Employment Screening has this information, a Memorandum of Understanding will be generated from the E-Verify site, and Insperity Employment Screening will provide it to you.

2. Review, sign and return the signature page to Insperity Employment Screening.

We will, in turn, submit it to E-Verify to activate your registration. Once activated, you’ll be required to process all new hires within three days of hire.

If you are registered as a federal contractor and have a federal contract that contains the E-Verify clause, then you must also process all current employees assigned to that contract. If you indicated that you wish to check all current employees, this must be done within 180 days.

Insperity Employment Screening will provide your login information and a cover sheet to be used when faxing or e-mailing I-9s to be processed. Insperity Employment Screening will provide the required E-Verify Participation and Right to Work posters that are required to be displayed in plain view at each hiring site.

3. Relax, we’ll take it from here




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