“Using E-Verify is required for our federal contracts, and thanks to simplei9.com, we don’t have to take it on ourselves. Instead, for a nominal cost, we’re able to submit our new-hire information in whatever way is convenient for us – fax, e-mail or whatever. And then Insperity Employment Screening takes it, runs with it and turns it around in a hurry.”

David Levy
Chief Operating Officer
Verdi Consulting


“Insperity Employment Screening was able to work with us on customizing simplei9.com to our needs. So we don’t even have to log in to the system to see the status of our new hires. Instead, we get e-mails that update us and let us know if there is anything we need to do. We didn’t have to change any of our processes, and that has made it so simple for us. It saves our people time, and the low price we pay is definitely worth it. We’re now looking into laws regarding how long a company is permitted to keep an I-9 form – particularly after an employee has left the company – and we’re seeing how we can use simplei9.com to archive and remove this information for us automatically. With simplei9.com, Insperity Employment Screening helps us remain compliant.”

Lara Elgin
Talent Acquisition
Operations Manager

Navistar, Inc.