Frequently Asked Questions

What is E-Verify?

E-Verify is a federal program created to verify the employment eligibility status of newly hired employees. The program, overseen by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCIS), was created to detect forged immigration documents.

Who is required to use the E-Verify Program?

Currently, this program is a requirement for almost all federal contractors and is required by some states for all new hires and other states for new hires where the employer is a state contractor, it is also recommended for use to monitor the employment eligibility status of employees all across the United States.

How long does the E-Verify process take?

For most employees, the process will take less than one business day to complete, once the I-9 form has been sent to

How do I sign up for the E-Verify process through Simple I-9?

Complete and submit the SignUp Form. will then provide a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that is required by the federal government for use of E-Verify. Once you review, sign and submit the MOU to us, you will receive an e-mail with your account information.

Do I have to submit all employees for processing through E-Verify?

Once you have signed up for the E-Verify program, all new hires must be processed within three business days of hire.

How long do I have to submit my new hires for processing?

All new hires must be processed within three business days of the hire date. Employees who have been offered and accepted a position may be run through the E-Verify process in advance of their actual work start date as long as E-Verify is not used to screen applicants.

What if I don’t submit the I-9 form within the three-day time frame? will still process the request, but federal penalties may be applied for misuse of the program.

What does the service cost?

There are no setup fees, and each request costs only $5.

Can I check the employment eligibility of my current employees?

To verify current employees, you must be a federal contractor who has been awarded a contract that includes the Federal Acquisition Rule (FAR) E-Verify clause . If you choose this option, then all current employees must be checked. For more information, visit UCIS’s E-Verify homepage.

What if I am a federal contractor?

With very limited exceptions, federal contractors and their subcontractors must use E-Verify to authenticate employment eligibility of employees for contracts awarded on or after Sept. 8, 2009, pursuant to the FAR. For these Federal contractors affected by the FAR, only new hires and current employees placed at the affected contract must be verified. For more information, visit UCIS’s E-Verify homepage.

What if I am a federal subcontractor?

Federal subcontractors affected by the Federal Acquisition Rule (FAR) must participate in the E-Verify program.

What if I am an employer in the State of Illinois?

Employers in the State of Illinois must complete the Illinois Attestation Form before using the E-Verify program.

Can I terminate an employee during the E-Verify process?

An employee cannot be terminated during the E-Verify process for any reason related to employment eligibility.

What do I do if I receive a status of Final Non-Confirmation (Employment Not Authorized)?

A status of Final Non-Confirmation means the employee is not eligible to work in the United States. If a non-eligible employee is retained, you may be in violation of federal law.

Where can I get an I-9 form?

The current version of the I-9 form is available here. PDF

I don’t remember my password. What do I do?

If you have forgotten your password, please click here.


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