E-Verify Services

Simplei9.com, operated by Insperity Employment Screening, offers your company a chance to get back to business and leave the E-Verify process to us. Our service is quick, easy and doesn't even require the use of a computer to submit information. Just fax your completed I-9 forms to us via our toll-free number, and then our dedicated staff takes care of the rest: submitting, tracking and providing you with all the information you need regarding the E-Verify process.

While other providers offer only portals into the E-Verify system – that still require you to do the work – Simplei9.com gives you a complete service solution for your business's verification needs – for just $5 per employee!


Stop Paper Management

Employers have so many papers to keep on file as it is. Add to that the various federal and state regulations that govern how long you have to hold onto your employees’ I-9 forms – as well as when you must discard them – and the headaches of paper management stack up considerably.

Confirm Work Eligibility

E-Verify is a Web-based system operated by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that allows employers to confirm the legal working status of new hires. By using E-Verify, you can effectively reduce unauthorized employment and efficiently minimize verification-related discrimination – to better manage your employment liability risk.

By using simplei9.com to conduct your day-to-day transactions with E-Verify, you whittle down a burdensome process to three easy steps.

Manage the I-9 Process

Compliance reports that identify missing I-9s – as well as those that require reverification for an employee whose work authorization expires – are always at your fingertips at simplei9.com.